I somehow fell into this world of photography and will never be getting out. It has become a part of who I am and I thrive off of every session. You are who inspire me and make me create what I do.

I love making images that are filled with light, emotion, and movement. My favorite part of this whole process is meeting you and finding out what your story is and capturing it in a way to show the world what your love looks like.

Let me create something you can hold onto for years to come so you always have that reminder of the beginning of your story. Let’s hike a mountain or find a field of light and capture something beautiful together.

When I’m not busy photographing I enjoy spending time with my sweet kiddos and husband. I also enjoy hiking, interior design, comfy sweaters, leggings, watching predictable romances, Target, and creating mile long to do lists of DIY projects.

I have been featured on Junebug Weddings, Brides, Utah Valley Bride, Something Turquoise, Swooned, We’re Official, Desiree Hartstock, Reverie Gallery, Style Redefined, and others.



Like a lot of photographers, my love for taking pictures began when I was very young. I got a dinky little point-and-shoot camera for my tenth birthday and took pictures of anything and everything, editing them in the “coolest” ways (and by that I mean, in the most over-the-top ways). Now, years later, I am working towards my degree in Photography at BYU and working with one of the most talented photographers out there! To say that I’m excited about having photography as my career is an understatement.

I wasn’t totally convinced that I wanted to do wedding photography until I got married myself. The day I married the love of my life was the absolute happiest day ever, and it showed in our wedding photos. Our photographer perfectly captured the exhilarating feelings of pure bliss and joy that spilled out from us when we got married. Looking through our wedding photos together when we received them during our honeymoon just about made my heart explode. To this day, I still get teary eyed when I look through those treasured photos. I remember thinking to myself, “I want to give this to other madly-in-love couples.”

Besides photography, I enjoy playing the piano, singing, having jam sessions, being outside in the sunshine, eating In n Out, binge-watching The Office, and constantly invading the personal space of my wonderful babe of a husband, Hayden.

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