Sid + Colton

I know I say I love a lot of things about this job of mine, but truly one of my FAVORITES is the avenue it creates for reconnecting with people from my past!! Seriously it is the BEST. I went to high school with these two cuties and it was so much fun to see them married!! You know when you know two people separately not in a relationship with each other and then all of a sudden they are married?! HA Well, that was them, but they are SO sweet together and so perfect for each other. You can tell the love and respect they have for each other has no bounds. It was a complete blast being with them.  Sid and I played on the tennis team together and not only was she super talented but her sense of humor had her friends with everyone. Glad to see that didn’t change!

They were awesome and came and modeled for me for two different shoots at my workshop in Teton Valley. The indoor shoots are always some of my favorite. But, the outdoor was a close second with her dress and setting.


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