Cassidi + Stockton

OK. This session. Pineview Lake, dreamy, creamy light, an insanely fun couple and gorgeous views. Talk about an ideal day. Cassidy and Stockton have been together for years and I am so thrilled that they are tying the knot. Their wedding will be filled with a million smiles and laughs and I couldn’t be more excited. Also, we realized we have a few family connections so that was a surprise and added to the fun of the day!

We headed to Eden and shot in the field just off of Pineview Lake and then ended down by the beach. Cassidi and Stockton were literally game to do anything – and I mean ANYTHING. They were THE most fun loving couple and basically, in short, we had a blast. We ran, and spun and played and it was just the greatest thing ever.  Give me all the couples that are down to jump in the lake in their clothes and play and laugh to their hears content. They left sopping wet, and had sand all over them with huge smiles on their faces. My kind of client right there.


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