Picking the Perfect Venue For Your Wedding

Oh hey there friends. Glad you guys have come back for your “Tuesday Tip” on picking the perfect venue for your wedding. Now, I feel like I need to somewhat preface this post. No matter where you have your wedding it is going to be YOUR day and YOU are going to have the best day of your life. So does it actually matter where you get married? Where you get married really isn’t what matters……on THAT day. You are right on your wedding day where you get married really doesn’t matter. But from years to come when you look back on your pictures and you look at your wedding day. Your venue is the backdrop to every single picture of your day. So you may want it to be beautiful, am I right? Just something to think about.

A few things I recommend you look for when it comes to a venue.

  1. Lighting
    1. Indoor Reception- are there a lot of windows that can allow for natural light?
    2. Outdoor Reception- is there any shade cover for where you will be standing during the ceremony?

Again, this is just something to think about and consider. If you don’t have shade outside or if you don’t have natural light flooding into your venue, you will be ok. AS LONG AS YOU HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.

You don't want to miss seeing how wonderful you felt because of lighting that was too dim, too bright, or at the wrong angle!

2. The Bride Room- I love taking pictures of my brides getting ready in the bride room, because of this I just like people to make a mental note to remember to pay attention to this room when touring a venue.


3. TAKE A TOUR. When you are picking out a venue make sure to take the time to actually go and look at it. No brainer, right? I know some people go off of the memory of attending a wedding once or twice there before. And make sure to ask lots of questions. Where they plan on setting up your cake table, where you will dance, where do you get ready, etc. Each of these places look at the walls the floors, what do they look like? Texture is going to be your best friend! Brick walls=perfect backdrop…is it a plain blank wall? Maybe consider a floral installment. Or don’t! Really it comes down to your vision. All I am saying is pay attention to all the details.

A black and white of the wedding festivities.

Maybe this was an extremely dull post that helped no one. But I hope not! These are super simple tips, but hopefully gave you something to think about. If you have any questions shoot me an email at info@kelsieempphotography.com or just hit the contact button.


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