Having The Perfect Lighting For Your Wedding Day

Hey my Kemm Brides, I wanted to create a few tips for you to have the perfect lighting on your wedding day. Lighting is soooooo important when it comes to the final outcome of your images. So in MY opinion it is definitely something you want to think about when you are planning.

Lighting for your Ceremony

  1. For an outdoor wedding, think about what time of day you want to get married. A photographer’s dream would be for you to get married during golden hour (an hour before sunset). But let’s be realistic, 90% of the time that is not going to happen.  That does not mean you are going to have terrible images by any means. Try and plan for your ceremony to happen during a time of day that there is some sort of shade in the area you will be getting married. The hardest time of day to make this happen is going to be around noon, because at that time of day the sun is directly overhead.Tips for Good Lighting at your Wedding
  2.  Picking the perfect venue for an indoor wedding. When you are looking at your venue, specifically the room where you will be getting married, try and take note of whether or not there are any windows close to where you will be standing. The more windows the better! Natural light pouring into the room creates a gorgeous lighting situation and is so much better than having to use indoor lighting. Even consider having the lights off in the room if there is enough natural light coming in the windows.Tips for Good Lighting at your Wedding


Lighting for your Reception

  1. For an outdoor reception consider extra lighting.  After the sun sets it will get dark really fast. Most likely your photographer will come with a video light or flash. But to help really continue to have a great lighting situation it is important to consider having extra lights, such as string lights or lanterns that you can turn on once its dark.Tips for Good Lighting at your Wedding
  2. Indoor reception lighting is easily controlled if thought out. Since usually all it takes is a flip of a switch, lighting can easily be controlled  inside. Most venues also have a slider on the control so you can have it set specifically at what you want. My tip is to make sure that there is a good light source by where the cake is set up as well as where your first dance is going to be. Other than that make sure your photographer is prepared and knows how to shoot in dim lighting.Tips for Good Lighting at your Wedding

That’s it! Pretty easy right? If you have any questions about lighting at a certain venue shoot me an email. I would love to help you in any way I can. Hope this helped a few of you out. Next week I have a post that is going to dive even deeper into finding the perfect venue. So be sure to come back!




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